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Humorous Fantasy Books for CHILDREN
aged 7 - 10
Paperbacks & eBooks

The Great Wizard Wars

The Wacky  Wizard Wars


Christina writes children's books in the humorous fantasy genre.

Her style is Dahlesque. Children enjoy seeing grim and grotesque not-so-good characters come unstuck in hilarious ways.

She adds adventure, dragons, zany animals, mystical creatures and then mixes in modern androids, robots and drones.

The resulting books are magical and like no others.

Maxine Alan-Hart is a vet with a huge sense of humour.

She is the co-author of The Wacky Wizard Wars and helped to create The Great Wizard Wars 

Her sense of fun and marvellous additions like 'gibber juice' and the 'stupid tree' are delighting children, as well as parents and grandparents who read to children.

Maxine is writing her own books based on amazing animals she has encountered as a vet.

See for updates.

Awlins is a Canadian artist.

She has added some charming copyrighted illustrations to The Wacky Wizard Wars.

Her unique style is displayed below


The WackyWizard Wars Hit Hollywood

The Great Wizard Wars

Mad, bad, backward wizards & witches bent on causing mayhem are pitched against four young magical friends, a dragon they rescued and a big, bold, brash snake.

   With the battle of the Olde Magical World against a New World of high tech wizards & witches, this book is unique with its break away from convention.

    Packed with adventure, mystical creatures, fun animals as well as androids and high tech systems, it will keep children turning the pages.   

The style is Dahlesque. 

The Wacky Wizard Wars

This sequel can be read as a stand-alone in which the mad, bad, backward wizards & witches form another bumbling army.

    Co-author, Maxine's magical pen has added hilarious scenes involving the brainless bunch and gibber juice.

    Children will love seeing the wacky gang come unstuck. But will they really come unstuck? There is a completely unexpected ending.

    Non-stop adventure with a cast of magical friends and even more androids and drones are involved. 

The Wacky Wizard Wars Hit Hollywood 

(in progress)

The next book in the series will follow in 2020.  


Maxine Alan-Hart is joining me again in writing another fabulously funny book for young readers.

 See Book Previews for a glimpse of the opening chapters.

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Top international review

Amber S1

Reviewed in Canada on 28 August 2019

Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase

5.0 out of 5 stars A very humorous frolic through fantasy worlds

The Wacky Wizard Wars is a very humorous frolic through fantastic worlds where creative children, legendary creatures and the principles of good and moral deeds weave into a captivating story from start to finish. A wonderful journey through unexpected adventures, evoking lots of funny images to entertain youngsters and adults alike!  5* rated

mummyov3bb reviewed 

The Wacky Wizard Wars

 Great read for all ages. 

11 August 2019

I loved this just as much as book 1!
   It stayed true to book one and didn’t create a whole new scenario which I appreciated and wizzo is fabulous with his creations.
   I’d have loved to have seen more of Gnashers and his girlfriend- especially how he’s coping with her! 😂😂  5* rated


Gramps reviewed 

The Wacky Wizard Wars

 Great book 

7 August 2019


I really enjoyed this book, it was special to read as it was by a local author. I thoroughly enjoyed the story, and my favorite character was Fango because I enjoyed learning about his whole life. This book was at about the same level as Harry Potter. By Freddie, aged 9.

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